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Limitation of Liability, will NOT, under any circumstances or incidence, be held liable to you, (or users), for any damages incurred while accessing this site. WILL NOT be held liable for, BUT NOT limited to, any of the following : inaccurate or error in content, any damage to persons via website access, any disruption from transmission to or from this website, any unauthorized access of our servers and content and unauthorized access of any information, personal or secure from our site, any viruses or similar content that may be placed by a third party on our site, any content errors or damage resulting from accessing our website and any information placed therein, and/or any damage to external  user’s property from any content accessed on or from our website, regardless of transmit. THIS aforementioned limitation of liability is applicable to the fullest extent allowed by law in the relevant jurisdiction. is a website available from its location in the United States of America. We at do not warrant or make any discretion about its appropriate use and availability outside the aforementioned country. If the website is accessed outside of the relevant location, those users must comply with their local jurisdiction regarding website access and usage.

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